The FUSE Hot Foot series is a special category of Fuse Fuels in which each fuel is named after the motor octane of the fuel. Detonation resistance is of maximum importance with the Hot Foot series. These fuels are designed to withstand static and dynamic cylinder pressures created by extreme compression ratios, or by nitrous, blowers and superchargers. FUSE fuel has developed a fully unleaded statically engineered (FUSE) fuel that utilizes race proven lead replacement additives which lesson exhaust valve seat recession. All lead depletes after time and is negatively affected by sunlight. FUSE Fuels are not photo sensitive and their octane cannot be depleted by sunlight. Maximum horsepower and torque is generated by combining unique volatile organic compounds that synergistically work with the FUSE series (MSBT) Molecular Symmetric Burn Technology. FUSE fuels are ultra pure gasoline with only chemical grade components and, for this reason FUSE does not need to dye or cover any impurities away. All you will ever find in every gallon is crystal clear perfectly balanced fuel.

HF 112 HF 114 HF 117 HF 117 OE HF 120 HF 125
Motor Octane 113.1 114.7 117.1 117.6 122.1 126.0
Research Octane 121.6 +123.0 +123.0 +123.0 +123.0 +123.0
Reid Vapor Pressure 5.4 psi 6.2 psi 6.2 psi 6.6 psi 6.5 psi 6.8 psi
TEL 0mL/Gal 0mL/Gal 0mL/Gal 0mL/Gal 0mL/Gal 0mL/Gal
Oxygen (wt%) 0% 0% 0% 5.6% 0% 0%
Gravity 0.75 0.747 0.747 0.765 0.751 0.764
Color Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear