Total Engine Performance Concentrate

Fuse Fuel has released (The Original) Accelerator Race Fuel Concentrate! Available in the unleaded formula. This product is not an Octane boost, it is a race fuel concentrate that transforms a 93 Octane super no-lead up to a 107 Octane race fuel when proper mixing instructions are followed. This is all due to Fuse Fuel utilizing their state of the art synergistic additive package and incorporating that into a concentrated additive. This concentrate was designed for the performance minded enthusiast who needs that extra punch and wants to get the the optimum performance out of their current fuel without searching for the availability of a racing fuel.

Power and Protection Convenience


A concentrated racing fuel additive that will turn a premium no-lead gasoline of 93 octane into a racing fuel of approximately 107 (unleaded) octane rating.


Increases anti-knock index (octane racing) and raises premium no leaded pump gas to fourteen points.


Packaged in on quart containers (6 cans per case), "UPS friendly". Accelerator can be cataloged and shipped haz-mat free anywhere in the United States..

Outstanding performance in:

  • Supercharged Engine Raise your Boost!
  • Turbo Engines raise your boost!
  • Steet Rods!
  • Motorcycles!
  • ATF!
  • Watercraft!
  • All Racing Applications!
  • Great for Two Cycle Engines!

"ACCELERATOR RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE" performs as any racing gasoline within the limits of compression and RPM per application.

"ACCELERATOR RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE" mixed with most racing gasoline creates an excellent (Nitrous Fuel) depending on your Nitrous Oxide applications.

"ACCELERATOR RACE FUEL CONCENTRATE" contains the most proven octane enhancement technology known to the Racing industry.

Price per quart: $19.99 plus 8% sales tax

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